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Silent Play Day St Andrä Wördern

16 beautiful humans came and played, failed and laughed together for half a day. What a joy to partner with Spring.

Photo is from our silent picnic pause. Here is some feedback from a participant. "I loved the rhythm of the workshop, the coexistence of deepness & lightness in the quality of listening, coping, creating.

It was so much fun to fail and connect with others. we need it so much in a world, where we try to be effective, successful and happy at the same time. It was a great relief to experience we need nothing to feel good, only a few simple games to shift the focus, a facilitator who is leading from heart and point out details we, as participants might overlook, and all without any word! For me it was a Deep connection to the body in a way I usually don’t feel so present, and meeting on a completely different level with other grownups than usually. Normally it takes months to reach such a level with somebody who I don’t know, to feel so safe and trust, I can be whoever I am able to be in that moment. Richard… authentic teaching comes to my mind first. The way he facilitates, I can feel home, reconnect to inner ease and to a very very innocent aspect of me. No shame, no guilt, no judgement can raise from there. No wonder why so fast and deep I feel part of a journey. We participants, know nothing about each other at all, and it is so liberating that it is not needed for connection. I leave the workshop knowing that the day made sense, because my laughing muscles had the best training, and I spent time in a good mood."


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