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Group Awareness

The techniques from this workshop find their way into all my other workshops. I find the training so important for development of awareness, starting from ones self into the group through play, space and movement work.
Always striving to be as present as we can be. Ninjas come to mind. Always ready in our body. To move & react. No thinking is involved, only impulse. We know what to do.  

The workshop is an serious of fun flowing sessions, testing & experimenting with the group. Playing and moving. Richard challenging and guiding with clear instructions. Sharpening our focus to listen to all. Seeing and moving the group as a whole. Getting into a state where we don't need to talk or think. We know exactly where we have to be and what we are suppose to do. It takes work but when this state is reached its super interesting and satisfying.


The work is very focused and a lot of fun. It is very good as a team builder, teaching groups to listen and see their part of the whole. Realising how every action everybody makes effects the whole. A lot of trust is needed and built. Are you a leader or a follower? Are you with the group? 

We will process the work through group discussions after the sessions.   


One session  =   1.5hrs + 1 hr discussion. 

One day  =   2 x 1.5 hr sessions + 1.5 hr discussion.

For groups of 8 - 25 people

Indoor space required.

Contact for more info


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