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Upcoming Workshops
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"I followed Richard's workshop during the summer.. He is a master-idiot himself and participating to his workshops will guarantee you a lot of fun. Mix this with a dose of vulnerability, creativity and transparency and you'll be amazed."

'Claire Clarita' Holland

Silent Play Day
9th March 2024 St Andrä Wördern Austria

Awareness of the idiot  Clown
26-28th April 2024

Awareness of the idiot  Clown 
31st May - 2 June 2024 Vienna

The Male Idiot
Spring time?
Released in Jan

State of Play  
workshop for performers 

Dec 2024 TBC

Waiting list

Sold out

Workshop are currently in production and details may be missing. Please write Richard with Interest. Missing information will find its way here in due course.   

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