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Silent Play -Retreat


'You discover more of someone from an hour of play that a life time of conversation’

So I thought 'let’s take out the conversation'

A silent exploration into humans, communication and clown through physical play and exercises.


.. .


In silence... we have to look. We have to have eye contact. We see. We see more than when talking. We see all your beautiful characters, ways and imperfections. We ask our brain to step aside for a moment and we see humans, not knowing. We celebrate them! We step into what is happening now. We laugh and we connect.

I start all my workshops with a silent play session. To build trust, observation and our circle that we will journey the next time together with. The journey Into the lands of various beautiful theories and practices.

It’s so refreshing to be in a space where the name of a person, what they do and why they are here is completely irrelevant. To move, play and be with what is behind all that is the invitation.
It's clear why we are here.
To ‘be’ together, now. 

The timing of Play. ‘Kairos’ The greek God of the sublime ever lasting moment. Is in abundance when we cant disrupt him with talking ‘about’ things.

I wondered how it would be, never to share the names, to experience something together and to leave knowing nothing more about that person than what you simply experienced.

So I created Silent play workshops where we do just that.








Now, I wonder how would it be to not only be in a play workshop environment but also to stay together, to cook, eat and hang out in silence. To go deeper. To be more ... silent for longer. To gift more Kronos (the god of linier structured time) to Kairos. So the retreat is born.  

A note on silence.
I noticed how in asking people to be silent, they tend to stop breathing! They instantly hold their breath. This is the opposite of what you wish in Play. 
In playful breath there is resenance and may be noise.
This lead to be differentiating between silence and not talking. 
Breath is welcomed and actually encouraged, noise is fine. Laughter beautiful. The space is not of silence ( meaning no noise) at all. But one where we do not speak or rely on language to communicate. 

We will hold that space for our time together.





We will be doing a lot of different things. A mix of games, trust exercises, nothingness, mindfulness, getting confused, playing, Clown work, running around, being arty, sitting still, observing, moving, eating, more playing, dancing, breathing and all the living in-between the sessions. That glorious empty space where the unknown dances.
I will lead the space but it is open if you have an impulse or question. Please go for it. But without talking! :P

I will be highlighting moments I find beautiful and interesting. If i repeat what you just did. It is because i believe it is brilliant gold dust! 

I look forward to being in this space with you.



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