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Awareness of the idiot 2

Exploration of the idiot

3 day intensive clown workshop - Berlin

with Richard Kimberley

27th - 29th April 2018



For info about Clown please see Here
This workshops is for people who have already completed the Awareness of the idiot 1 'The doorway to the idiot" workshop.

What we will explore in this workshop

In the first workshop we have seen what is needed as a foundation for connecting with your audience & being open. We will build on this and explore further into your unique and fantastic idiot. Through Games, improvisation and exercises in front of an audience we will fish for your idiot. looking for ways to release your spontaneity and your pleasure to play and pretend. 

Get ready to laugh so much your face will hurt.
In a beautiful and fun workshop

click here for more - About the Trainer

Technical info


The work shop is Daily from 10:00 until 17:30. With suitable breaks for tea and lunch. 

It will be held in English 

@ Studio 58, Karl-Marx Strasse 58, Berlin 

There is 12 places available on the workshop.

Please bring cloths comfortable to move in. 

Prepare to work bare foot or with specific indoor shoes/socks. 

See here for info on the following Awareness of the Idiot Workshop "The Play of the idiot"









Application & Payment 

The workshop fee is 130 Euros

Please email Richard here

Where you will receive information on how to apply.
It a first come first serve basis so apply fast. 

Read cancellation policy here




Testimonies – from participants


“This workshop was challenging and fun. I was shown into the world of clown with lots of humour and care. I got priciples out of it that I get to practice in daily life situations now. I loved the mix of games, challenging us to explore ourselves from different angels. It was a rich three days together”

Naomi Warndorff - Holland


“I took a lot from the workshop to my personal life. Clear and honest communication, trust, playfulness and presence. It was a great pleasure to be guided by Richard in a safe, playful and confortable atmosphere How to connect with the audience and with people in general in an open way, looking in the eyes. I feel inspired to keep on working on my clown and to live and check in other contexts how will I apply this knowledge.”

Priscilla Oliveira Gonçalves, Brasil


“I definitely recommend it: it is a way to work deeply on yourself in a funny environment, safe and supportive!”

Sara Celeghin, Italy


“I love Richard’s sense of humour and somewhat light way of teaching: I had a lot of fun during the work, but it wasn’t some goofing around. I liked how we got things done and still laughed and had fun.”

Luka Piletič, Slovenia


“Loved the steadiness during all the time, the calm and clear instructions. Loved the wide range of skills he (Richard, the trainer) shared. Loved the humbleness.”

Antonio Cargnello, Italy


“If your lucky enough to get the change… do it!”

Felix Fischer, Germany

"If you want to face and embrace your own vulnerability and failure, do this clown workshop! It´s a way out of comfort zone, through panic zone into magic zone!" Paul, Germany

"It was three hilariously funny, though super intimidating days. I had to cry from laughing, but also had very intimate experiences that taught me more about myself." Alex Neet, Germany

"I cannot remember the last time I laughed till I cried so many times in a row -- and many times about myself. I learned a lot about being my beloved (!) idiot, ideas clowning and performing in general, but I also took away a lot for my own daily life (made me think about perfection and the beauty of failure). the days after the workshops were very light and still funny - i could feel that a certain spontaneity had been triggered." Alina, Germany

"Your Clown is where your playfulness and vulnerability meet"

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