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The Game
With Richard Kimberley

The Game.
To play something.
The pleasure to play is at the base of everything we do here at From The Playns. 

Professional sports athletes are the best paid people in the world because it is exhilarating to watch people truly play. It is freeing to watch children play. It is liberating to play ourselves. 
To play you must be present, trusting impulse and body. It is not an act of the mind.
We will forget the term 'acting'.
We are not actors.. we are Re-Actors. 
We will Play and we will improvise. We will learn how and what simple games can teach us about theatre. Aimed for people wanting to develop stage skills. Or expand thoughts about theatre creation and play.


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Technical info


Length - From 2hrs to 3 days

People - Around 12 is good
It will be held in English 

Space - An indoor empty movement space​

Please bring cloths comfortable to move in. 

Please contact Richard with more questions and more info.

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