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Festival From The Playns

8th & 9th September 2018

We had our first ever Festival From The Playns. 
Two magical days of Music, Shows, Circus, Film and food. Hosted by Gut Alaune e.V in Halle Saale, Germany. 

After 6 years of touring the world to amazing street theatre and music festivals. Being inspired by amazing artists who bring magic moments to the streets for everyone to enjoy. It gave me great pleasure and excitment to invite this world to my home. 

Thank you to all the crew who gave their time and energy to make it possible, and of course to all the Artists for sharing what they do. 

The Dirty Feetz


A fun Rock band mixed with many musical influences from Germany/England/Italy/France so busy making people dance and smile. That they haven't given me any promo text yet. 

Fraser Hooper


After a glittering career in menswear, Fraser Hooper gave it all up to become a clown. Twenty-eight years on his unique brand of award winning comedy has delighted thousands of audiences in over thirty countries worldwide. With a nod to the great silent clowns he uses mime, audience participation and eccentric dance in hilarious shows that receive rave reviews wherever he plays. At present there are no plans to go back to menswear.

Barada Street


A gangly English idiot and a strongman from Kyrgyzstan create the world of wonder that is Barada Street. A thrilling comedy, jam packed with acrobatics, live music and cheeky idiocy.

This award winning international duo charm audiences and bring heart-warming intimacy

to the street and stage.

Ena Matso Kores

Duo Ruach

Greek Polyphonic Choir

We warmly invite you to a gathering of polyphonic traditional songs with “Ena Matso Kores” (a bunch of girls).

Birds will take us on their wings and fly over the marbled sea to the islands of Greece, we'll ask the Forest to share his secrets, ride on the back of a horse through the valley of Deropolis and see how far we can reach traveling on the colourful Gypsy wagon…

Go with us beyond borders and listen to the traditional stories the folk people in the mountains left behind for us. 

Klezmer Music Duo

The Polish-Jewish Duo RUACH is made up of Dorothea and Boguslaw Hegeduess who dedicated their love and lives to the traditional Jewish music. Dorothea squeezes the most sweet tones of her clarinet and Boguslaw with his amazing rhythms and chords on his guitar and mandolin recreates the musical identity of the 'Old World'.

Strange Birds

Film - Eike Weinreich & Alexej Hermann

Rev. Stomp

Blues Folk

From Graz peppered with a beautiful raw vibrato voice that let melt down women, men and various objects.

This is how the music of Christoph Mooser could be summarised.

As Rev. Stomp, he preaches both blues and folk, tells stories of being on the road and finding the one way home, wherever that may be.

Recently, he's summoning his flock to release his unholy debut album "SORE THUMB."

The sore thumb representing the main topic testifies to the wild ride through Europe's bars and pubs from the Atlantic Sea to the deep heart of the Balkans, where the Reverend moves along mostly by hitchhiking.


von AlexeyJuli2018.jpg

Classical Trio


The award winning youngest siblings of 7. Playing music together for the last three years, inspired by everything from classical to jazz. Each play several instruments, but most of all they love to play with their loudest set up: as a brass trio. 

Local Stage

A Stage for new creations from performers in the local area,


Fresh from their South American Tour developing this show. Our Felix & Maxi Present there Music Acrobatic Show.


Exceptionally - Respectively

Two loveable professional eccentrics come to conquer the publics hearts. Through Music and physical humour, they dive deep into the clownish bag of tricks and take their highly professional relationship to its limits. Opposites attract, but one does not always have to agree. 

Renagade Show


A fun event where the audience gets to take to the stage to show off their skills and challenge each other for glory. 


09:00 Doors open
12:30 - Opening
13:00 - Rev. Stomp Blues Folk from Austria
14:00 --- Food ---
15:00 - Local StageTheatre labaaz Clown From Leipzig
16:00 - RoKuLa Brass Trio from Berlin
17:00 – Fraiser Hooper Clown from England
18:00 --- Food ---
20:00 – The Dirty Feetz Rock Funk Caberet from Germany/England/Italy/France
22:00 - Dance


11:00 Florian Betz
12:00 Kamchatka Gyspsy Folk From Germany/Spain
12:30 – Local Stage The Four String Company Acrobatic Music From Halle. 13:00 --- Food ---
15:00 - Duo Rauch - Klezmer Duo from Poland
15:45 - Renagade Show
17:00 - Barada Street - Acrobatic Music Comedy From England/Kyrgyzstan.
18:00 --- Food ---
19:30 - Ena Matso Kores - Greek Polyphonic Choir from Greece/Germany/Spain
21:00 - Strange Birds - Film from Alexej Herman & Eike Weinreich - Germany

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