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This is an official invitation for the...

Gut Alaune - Festival From The Playns - 3  
21-23rd August 2020


















Corona virus info:
All big Events in Germany have been cancelled until the end of August.
We are still planning to go ahead with the festival 2020 (being a small private gathering).  We have a great line up  and many people are looking forward. So.. save the date! But  tickets will not be available until we can confirm the festival will take place. and we are asking people to wait booking travel until we gather further understanding on the future of the pandemic and performance. Thanks for the understanding. 

The festival
We are very very excited to come back for our third year. At the core is a wish to bring moments of collective connection and presents through the stage, Performance, Music, Film and Food. Celebrating through sitting and enjoying together, through working together, through laughing together, playing and dancing together and through sharing the work of international touring artists with our local community/network/friends/family.





















Gut Alaune

is a four and half year old community project.

Building our way up to be a space for creating and realising creative dreams.
See more about our project here.

‘From The Playns is Richard's creative exploration through performance, workshops and events. Check it out here.

Details on the festival and how to by tickets are further down this page! 


The festival 2020 Program


This year we have some amazing acts on their way. The festival takes on an exciting new program shift. Slightly less acts. More space for you. Open stages and cabarets. Games and presentations. The program is designed so only one thing will happen at a time. So you don't have to fear about missing anything. 


Joanna Bassi - Clown


Stefan Sing - Juggler


Play Time


Trygvy Wakenshaw - Mime


The Four String Co. - Acrobatic Music


Open Stage


las marikarmen - Sax, Drag, elecro, Cabaret


peter tegner - Solo Guitar


time Things 

The festival program of fun and food is opening on Friday 21st evening at 18:00 and Saturday 23rd Aug – 12:00 - 01:00
Sunday 1st September 11:00 – 22:00  
Doors open for campers Friday 21st after 17:00 and close Monday 24th 11:00

Monday is takedown day. So if you you want to get involved let us know.

Food things

There will be lunch and dinner breaks in the program to give full deserved attention to the food/performance. There will be super soups, brilliant burgers and pizzas available to buy for lunch and dinner. All being of a home made and non meat variety. Along with tasty cakes and cookies at any time from the bar. Breakfast is a bring your own policy, but coffee and tea is available from 10:00am.  




















Accommodation Things

For traveling folk from far and wide. We have on site camping tickets. With limited space, so shared tenting is requested. 
Friends who live locally, we ask you to buy day tickets and travel in and out, to make space for the far off folk. Within our limited space. 
There is flowing water, in the forms of taps/outdoor shower and the river Saale 2mins walk away. 
Compost toilets are on sight.
There is a lack of shade on Gut Alaune so it is also recommended to bring sun protection. 













Money things

The Festival is funded from our pockets.
We wish to bring high quality performance and to support the artists their art and their way as much as possible. We ask a donation in form of a ticket price to share the festival costs and make this event possible together.

Any profit from the food and drink costs go straight into support the Gut Alaune project on its way to hosting more events like this. Any further donations to the project are very welcome. 

Ticket prices

Camping tickets  (Friday 21st 18:00– Monday 24th 11:00) 45Euros 80 Available 
Weekend tickets – 40 Euros (non camping)
Day tickets – 20 Euros
Half day (after 16:00) 10 Euros
Evening (after 20:00) 5 Euro
(Under 16yrs is free)

There is a limitation of camping tickets available so get them fast.

Tickets will be released as soon as the COVID19 situation is more clear. 

The tickets are non refundable 2 weeks prior to the event. 














Travel Things



Our project is situated :HERE:

On google maps search for Franzigmark 9


The precise address


Alaune 9


Petersberg OT Morl


How to get to us?

By car:

Leave town in direction East on Reilstraße, direction Trotha

Follow Reilstraße, Throthaer Str. All the time straight (keep left when you see a Lidl on the right) until the train tracks

From there take the second left and then right into Brachwitzer Str.

Follow the Street and take the first left where there is an owl sign and an arrow with alaune 9. Continue up the hill aaaaand...



By bus / walking:

Take Tram12 direction Trotha

From there Bus35 direction Franzigmark until last stop. Get out and walk down the hill taking the first left and keep straight until the Alaune 9 sign....

Bus goes every 30min / 60 min check on the Web (not sure on weekends)


You can also walk from the city or Trotha, following the car route but turning left after the rails into Brachwitzer Str then straight and take the first left with the owl sign (around 45min from Trotha tram station)


Car parking – There is no onsite parking. We have very limited space on our road. We advice people to come with public transport/bikes





Other Things

You are invited to enjoy the festivities at Gut Alaune which is also family living space. We have crew that will care for the running of the festival so you can relax and enjoy. We ask everyone to come with an engagement to care and help for each other and the space. Thus creating a beautiful event together. Abusive behaviour to each other, the space or oneself, will not be tolerated.       

We hope for as glorious weather as last year. But in case of bad weather, We have limited rain protection. And continue the program as much as possible. Tickets are not bad weather refundable. 

This is a private event which donating through the tickets you agree to the terms and conditions. 
Gut Alaune, From The Playns and the individual artists hold no responsibility for personal injury or loss of personal valuables. On or off the site. We are all responsible for ourselves and each other. 

Thank you for your understanding
We look most forward to celebrate with you. 

Richard and all at Gut Alaune




Festival Photos from the wonderful - Annette Stübinger

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