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The world of the Larval Mask

3 day intensive Mask workshop 

with Richard Kimberley

About Mask

The world of masks is something in the realm of magic. When a person just sits and breaths whilst wearing a (working) mask. Even without doing anything, without acting, without moving. A space is created, silence is formed. Dreams form rapidly in the viewers imaginations. @What is this world?" We are sucked into this world. Masks have the power to teach performers the most valuable lessons about themselves and to take audiences to worlds they never knew they could reach. 

About the workshop

Larval Masks were inspired by the Basel Mask festival in Switzerland. Physical Theatre revolutionary Jaques LeCoq took these masks and used them to teach actors. The start of expression.
With a mask we see everything, every movement, every fault. We learn clarity in movement & expression, How to tell story using space and tension. It is a technical training which then comes to life through your imaginations and play. The masks are simple, there world is simple. When the technique and play comes together a dream is created in our minds. the world is rich and livid. Im interested in how we hold this dream and play with it.

We will learn
Body and movement analasys
Pantomime technique
Character building,
The mask of the body.
and scenes improvisation.


click here for more - About the Trainer

Technical info


The work shop is Daily from 10:00 until 17:30. With suitable breaks for tea and lunch. 

It will be held in English 

@ Studio 58, Karl-Marx Strasse 58, Berlin 

There is 10 places available on the workshop.

Please bring black cloths comfortable to move in. 
Along with some costume bits. (Especially Winter hats & Coats)

Prepare to work bare foot or with specific indoor shoes/socks. 

Application & Payment 

The workshop fee is 130 Euros

Please email Richard here

Where you will receive information on how to apply.
It a first come first serve basis so apply fast. 

Read cancellation policy here



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