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Barada Street Presents


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The company Barada Street has been performing at street theatre festivals, music festivals and private events for the last 8 years. Winning the public hearts with their light human playfulness. Along with a hand full of awards. 
They believe in creating a simple space for people to connect and celebrate life through the stage. 

Their exciting new show nods to the roots of street theatre and brings unique artistry to the stage and streets.  

Mask Music Comedy

Maskaska is an upbeat display of extreme physicality, funky musicality and virtuosic mask play. The bilingual players build on the traditions of Commedia Dell'arte with a unique psychedelic sensibility. Infused with elements of the grotesque, absurdism & the modern musical. 

The multi-disciplinary collective is powered by an international cast of performers. Festival favourite duo Barada Street. Richard Kimberley from England and Juri Kussmaul from Kyrgyzstan are joined by Anita Gröbl (Austria) and Zhenya Topov (Ukraine). The players were driven towards creation after discovering a common language through Comedy, Movement Theater, Music & Mask. 

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Technical things

20-45 mins
Ideal Stage 10x12m (possible from 4x5)
Power point. 
PA system
Semi circle audience. No audience to our backs. 

Please contact for fees and more information. 


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