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On Their Way
Mask Walk about


Three contrasting characters make their way through the local environment. Playing and improvising in silence with the city setting, buildings and public. ‘On their way’ they will balance upon a string of comedy and tragedy. Drawing the audience with the dream that is built around their stories. Where do they go? What is their way?

‘On their way’ is a three person Mask walk about experience.
From Barada Streets Richard Kimberley and Juri Kussmaul with collaboration from Anita Gröbl.
Calling upon years of street, Mask/physical theatre, Festival & improvisation experience to improvise together to make every show a unique experience for those who stumble upon it.

The Barada Street Duo Richard & Juri ( studied mask under Mask Maestro Matteo Destro in Italy. ( Whilst Anita performs and creates with the mask theatre Derweil in Germany. (

The trios use self made theatrical full masks. (Made under the guidance of Destro.) A silent mask that holds another space & time from our own world.  Creating a space for the bodies to play along until they masks will not be seen as a mask in our world but as a living character that subtly draws the attention and dreams of the public.

20-25 mins long.

Area of play can be discussed with the festival and will be scouted by the team prior to playing to utilize the local environment to its best. 

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