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Back to Gaulier, Back to Bouffon

The last three weeks, i head the pleasure to return to the sleepy french town of Etampes. Where i once spent 2 years of my life exploring under the guidance of Philippe Gaulier. This time (9 Years Later) i spent three weeks exploring Bouffon. With one major difference....

This time i was on the teaching side. Being Assistant teacher to the school. As Philippe is now 80 years old. So an assistant takes over ever other day. Otherwise i was leading movement classes to large groups of international students who find they way to this unique school in which i have so many memories and lessons. What a pleasure to return with my further learnings and experience other the last years. What an honour to sit in that chair and to hit that drum.

Ive learnt a lot. About pedagogy, about my way and about that fascinating world renowned school. Until next time.

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