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Silent play day in May

Silent PLAY DAY in May!

Special event. 8th May Berlin. Hello all of you players, fools, movers, pretenders and observers. On the Sunday 8th of May. I will hold a Silent MAY PLAY DAY in Berlin Which has some special framework to it. 1. Cost It will be free. Woohoo 2. Silent Play ”You learn more about someone in an hour of play than a life time of conversation” In silence we have to look. We have to have eye contact. We see. We see more than when talking. We see all your beautiful characters, ways and failures. We see humans, not knowing. And we celebrate them! We laugh and we connect. In a space of presents and play. A wonderful moment for breath and togetherness after times of disconnection, separation and isolation. 3. Corona This will be in the frame work of whatever is the current rules in Berlin. We shall see. 4. Photography. Over the years, I have used the same 3 photos to promote my workshops. I don’t like having a photographer in my workshops as I feel it often distracts from the work and the moment. Especially with clown. So this play day will also be used to gather promotional photos for my future use of giving some visuals to my workshop descriptions and website. So in exchange for the workshop, you would agree to the use of photos. Is the idea and my wish. and don’t worry the photographer he/she/they will be “like a fly on the wall, a grain of salt in the ocean, and will slip amongst us like a transparent… thing” (To quote Ace Ventura) 5. Time? It will take place in Berlin from 10:00-14:00 (exact timing needs to be confirmed.) 6. Who? There are 12 spaces available. And you must have already taken a workshop with me before. (this is to help hold the space of this special event, to have already a feeling for me and how I work and a wish to support my work) 7. So just drop me a mail if you want to join the fun and I send you more details. With love Richard

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