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The Game is on

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

July 2021 Collaborating with Anne from Nomadways we spent 10 days on Gut Alaune exploring games and play states together with a Group from all over Europe. The game is on. Is a project exploring game, play and its uses in various settings Together we live, work, eat, exchange together with multi international participants. We share and reflect our varied knowledge and experience with each other. And dive into what creates a play state and how can we facilitate that environment. You learn more about people in an hour of play than in a life time of conversation. I like that! Games have a unique power to connect, to release, to build trust, to teach, to reflect, to grow, to celebrate, to explore themes of vulnerability & creativity. They build togetherness and realise ones personal part in the togetherness. How important is that in this day and age, where so much of our technological advancements move in another direction. Now of course games are just the structure to hold or welcome a play state. The play state is an altered state. We loose track of ourselves, the idea of ourselves, time, of what was and what will be, our daily life. When facilitated well. Prejudice, judgements, language & cultural differences disappear in this space.. It brings people into the here and now, into their body reacting to the present world around them. I feel Game and play is an extordanary valuable practice that brings a loving connection with others, ones self and ones environment. And id say thats an important practice. It was a colourful event, full of variety and fun. I was inspired for the future of these events. Exploring Play state and the facilitation of play. Coming soon.....

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