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The Male Idiot - The Males 'Mask'ulinity

This work is so inspiring for me, to give shape and play to parts of ourselves, to play it and thus start to witness it from a distance.

To come into contact with it. To choose to play it and not let it play you. I feel it important to take responsibility for the masks we wear. And especially for this workshop in regards to Masculinity. These Masks of masculinity, that of which we learn to wear to survive this world. They stay as part of us. They hide things that no longer need to be hidden. Its a beautiful quest to know them. And to play them! oooh what thanks i have for leading these process's, its rich and ongoing work for me personally as a human and professionally as an artist and facilitator. I wish for more.

Big thanks to the latest group of Men stepping into responsibility of what they carry. Or better put, the ability to respond to it. Next workshop will be in November in Vienna

Tell the Men.

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