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Clown & The Game
With Richard Kimberley
17th February 2019

Clown & The Game.

A 1 day exploration into clown through the game. 
This workshop will push us to play to our best. 
'We' play safe in life. We control our interactions with the world to keep ourselves safe from failure and ridicule. We are extremely well trained in this. But what happens when we don't play safe? when we go for it? when we risk it all? Whats the worst that can happen? 
In this workshop we use the structure of games to make a safe space to play and fail. To laugh and enjoy our beautiful individual failures and celebrate them.
With years of experience Richard will set the games and kindly push, poke and provoke.

Its fun, fast and liberating. Finding your vulnerability through play! 

"Risk to be seen in all your idiot glory"
You can read more about clown here.


click here for more - About the Trainer

Technical info


The workshop is from 10:00 until 17:00. With suitable breaks for tea and lunch. 
There are tasty and affordable lunch options close by the studio.  

It will be held in English 

@ Studio 58, Karl-Marx Strasse 58, Berlin 

There is 12 places available on the workshop.

Please bring cloths comfortable to move in. 

Prepare to work bare foot or with specific indoor shoes/socks.

Application & Payment 

The workshop fee is 50 Euros

Please email Richard here

Where you will receive information on how to apply.
It a first come first serve basis so apply fast. 

Cancellation Policy


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